We begin with our grandchildren, taking them to various places to play about 3 years ago. Before we knew it, the number of children began to grow from nieces and nephews to the neighborhood children. Most of these children live in single parent homes and were under privileged. Then we needed more supervision, so some of the parents started to attend. We had four carloads trailing each other. We would eat breakfast first and then go to Kidsland for the children to play. While at Kidsland, we eat pizza and chicken wings, and we talk about things that they want to do in the future. We teach them about the Kingdom of God, not religion. How God is the King, and we are His Diplomats. As time progressed, we started taking the children to hand out plates, clothes, and coats to the homeless around the neighborhood. Now we have founded the "Kingdom of Diplomats, Inc." to represent the Kingdom which is: Love, Peace, Joy, and Righteousness in the Holy Ghost. We believe that information is power, but not just information, but truth which will build self-awareness and confidence.

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In the Kingdom, the King makes provision for His citizens to enjoy life to the fullest. Our mission is to reach out to under privilege families and empower each individual to be aware of who they are and how they can benefit society through their contribution.


Our vision is to inspire each individual from children to adult through spiritual, mental, and physical growth. By focusing on these areas, we can build self-confidence.

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